31 dic. 2012


-You're kind of great, Claire. You do know that. 
- Sort of amazing, even. 
- Oh, come on! 
- I don't need an ice cream cone.
- It's not an ice cream cone. What's an ice cream cone?
-You know. "Here's a little something to make you happy. "Something sweet that melts in five minutes." I'm completely cool with anything you want to say or not say. I don't need it. Besides, Ben is coming in tomorrow. - Do you want to hear my theory?
-Of course.
-You and I have a special talent, and I saw it immediately.
-Tell me.
-We're the substitute people. 
-The substitute people.
-I've been the substitute person my whole life. I'm not an Ellen. I never wanted to be an Ellen. And I'm not a Cindy, either. Although Chucks love me.
- I'm sure they do.
- I like being alone too much. I mean, I'm with a guy who's married to his academic career. I rarely see him. And I'm the substitute person there. I like it that way. It's a lot less pressure.
 Here. Play this for the loudest kid in the world.
- I'm not used to girls like you.
- That's because I'm one of a kind. 
- You don't have to make a joke. I like you without the jokes.
- Get some sleep. I have a personnel interview tomorrow morning... and if I get transferred, Ben will die.

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