19 may. 2013

Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder.
 Many who try to climb it, fail.
 And they never get to try again.
 The fall, it breaks them.
 Some, when given the chance to climb, they cling to it.
 They cling to The Realm.
 Or to The Gods.
 Or to Love.
 But only The Ladder is real.
 The Climb is all there is

12 may. 2013

6 may. 2013

4 may. 2013

“I think I would enjoy being an alcoholic! Very much so. A drinker and a libertine. Never in a relationship, but always in love. At church, they’d call me a whore. But I would fancy myself a spirited individual of grand appetites featuring roast duck, red wine, and well-shaped men.” — Cara-Ethyl | Pizza
"Esta es nuestra oportunidad
Por favor, dame una posibilidad para conocerte".
el mejor chamuyo que me han dicho

3 may. 2013

1 may. 2013

No hubiera deseado a mi lado a ninguna otra persona
“Vaguely he wanted a girl but he did not want to have to work to get her. He would have liked to have a girl but he did not want to have to spend a long time getting her. He did not want to get into the intrigue and the politics. He did not want to have to do any courting. He did not want to tell anymore lies. It wasn’t worth it.” — Ernest Hemingway (In Our Time)